Therapy and counseling

Mental health represents a generalized state of wellbeing, this being an integration and adaptation function for the individual in society and in the culture that he/she is part of. This concept derives from the global concept of health which appears in the absence of other conditions or disorders. Multiple social, psychological or biological causes determine a high level of mental health for every individual. The diminishing level of mental health is associated in most situations with stress factors from the work place, social exclusion, an unhealthy life style, sex, ethnicity or social status discrimination, home or work abuse.

Throughout our team of dedicated specialists we assure you the following services:

–          Psychological diagnostic and clinic evaluation;

–          Psychological therapy and psychological counselling for adults;

–          Psychological therapy and psychological counselling for couples;

–          Psychological therapy and psychological family counselling;

–          Psychological therapy and psychological counselling for children and teenagers;

–          CBT Therapy;

–          Clinic and relaxation Hypnosis;

–          CBT Couching;

–          Career counseling;

–          Therapy regarding sexual dynamic disorders;

–          Psychological counseling in postpartum depression;