Professional supervision

Supervision is a method of professional development for psychologists and an formative activity for this profession which ensures the management of psychological services during the supervision period (Romanian College of Psychologists).

Supervisory groups offer practical and applicable support for the knowledge gained over the years of training in psychology. Organization is based on a tutorial system, providing the supervisee with teaching materials, tasks for home, case studies and numerous practical applications.

You can learn more at the following links: Applied Psychology in National Security , Clinical Psychology .

We organize professional supervision in the following specialties:

  • Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Psychology Applied in National Security
  • Clinical Psychology

Supervisor: Associate Professor Psychologist Dr. Ion Duvac


  • Promoting high standards of competence and ethics ;
  • Promoting supervision as a condition for the implementation of quality services to the population.
  • Providing mentoring for psychologists in supervision

Supervision sessions include:

  • Applicable legislation;
  • Code of ethics of the profession of psychologist;
  • Theoretical knowledge according to branch- definitions, methods, techniques, concepts;
  • Tests and tools specific to each psychological branch (cognitive and non- cognitive);
  • Interview (structured, semi-structured, unstructured);
  • Psychological evaluations – using classic methods and software with specialized guidance ;
  • Counseling and supervised practice ;
  • Case studies (assessment, diagnostic- presumptive differential and multiaxial , treatment plan development );
  • Developing the capacity to use and interpret of the specific methods;
  • Building the psychological evaluation report ( modeled after the College of Psychologists of Romania );
  • Periodic evaluation of acquired knowledge and of the professional activity of psychologists under supervision


Organizer: Clinic of Psychology Dr. Ion Duvac

Supervision period: 12 months

Schedule: one session per month/4 hours, between the hours : 5.00 p.m- 9.00 p.m.

Supervision sessions will be held at the Clinic of Psychology Dr. Ion Duvac, 61 Street Doctor Carol Davila , Bucharest


Supervision in Clinical Psychology – 200 lei/month

Supervision in Work and Organizational Psychology- 200 lei/month

Supervision in Psychology Applied in National Security – 200 lei/month

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