Behavioral Analysis

Psychological Profiler Academy organizes the course “Behavioral analysis – the defining dimension in the evaluation process.”
Observing lies and liars is a skill that can be learned. Like any other kind of learning, the ability to detect deception requires practice, feedback and coaching.
Imagine how your life would look like if you would be able to apply the principles and strategies of this course : you could tell if someone is lying or telling the truth, you could find better potential candidates for employment or you would understand better your boss, you could make more easily financial investments in what you are interested in , you could find out easily if the customer is really interested in what you sell or if your contractors will finish the work in the agreed time, if you have a loyal business partner or whether employees of your company are honest.
If you attend this course you will be able to communicate more effectively with your child and in the same time, you will be able to find out what is new in his/her life , you will be able to determine if your partner is unfaithful or you can even meet someone new and spot the signs of deceiving behavior.
The course will provide you the means to identify deceiving behavior in all its forms and will help you learn and apply the necessary techniques required for discovering the truth.
Target audience:
Psychologists (course accredited with 10 points by the PSC ), social workers, HR specialists, sales specialists, negotiators, businessmen, lawyers, notaries, judges, any person interested to understand the mechanism of lies and its behavior indicators.
– The psychology of lying
– The components of verbal communication
– The components of nonverbal communication
– Indicators of deceit in verbal and nonverbal behavior
– Lies identification – video analysis
– Exploitation of information with psychological significance obtained through interview and observation
– Identification of deception at a nonverbal level
– Identifying the behavioral cues of an interlocutor
– Use of strategies suitable for interlocutor’s particularities in order to achieve your objectives
– Training of behavioral assessment skills
– Development of the skills required for identification of information with psychological significance in the field of knowledge
– Development of different abilities essential for a human behavioral analyst
– Development of interdisciplinary analysis skills
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