Fundaments in Psychological Profiler

Module A – Introduction to Psychological Profiler; Elements of personality psychology

  • Conceptual clarifications
  • Elements of personality psychology
  • Leadership – Conceptual presentation
  • Presentation of case studies

Module B – Elements of Clinical Psychology

  • The concept of health
  • Normality vs. abnormality
  • Clinical psychological diagnosis
  • Presumptive diagnosis
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Multi-axial diagnosis
  • Protocol of clinical psychological diagnosis
  • Practical case studies

Module C – Elements of Psychopathology

  • Clinical disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • General medical conditions affecting mental health
  • Psychosocial and environmental problems
  • Global functionality assessment
  • Practical case studies

Module D – Research Methodology in Psychological Profiler

  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods in psychology, sociology, political science , business, forensic
  • Procedures to identify poorly structured information in the field of knowledge
  • Protocol research in Psychological Profiler
  • Practical case studies

Module E – Elements of behavioral analysis (I)

  • The psychological state- behavior relantionship
  • The desirable behavior
  • Emotions and behavior
  • Information with psychological significance in verbal and nonverbal behavior
  • Analysis of nonverbal behavior
  • Practical case studies

Module F – Elements of behavioral analysis (II)

  • Simulated behavior
  • Voice stress analysis
  • Analysis and interpretation of facial micro expressions
  • Practical case studies, learning how to use facial micro expressions software and voice stress analysis software

Module G – Psychological analysis of information

  • Information with psychological significance
  • Sources of information with psychological significance
  • Reliability of the sources from which we obtain information with psychological significance
  • Procedures for analyzing poorly structured information and generation of information with psychological significance
  • Practical case studies

Module H – Techniques of developing a psychological profile

  • Structuring the perceived psychological profile
  • Identifying psychological vulnerabilities
  • Strategic analysis of the perceived psychological profile
  • Develop and implement operational recommendations
  • Practical case studies

* At least 75 % – practical work, case studies ;

* Duration: 8 modules = 120 hours, 15 hours/module.